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Hiroot Bohr  is committed to creating an enduring company that delivers solutions to promote health, safety and well-being.  This commitment can only be achieved with keen attention to sustainability, or “meeting the needs of the present without sacrificing the needs of the future."

Hiroot Bohr  makes it a practice to consider the impact of our actions on the environment, market, community, and employees, to identify opportunities and take action where practicable. Hiroot Bohr  maintains internal programs that include sustainability for the market, community, and our employees and is pleased to share our environmental programs with you.

Environmental sustainability

Hiroot Bohr will strive to improve the sustainable consumption and production associated with its activities.

Hiroot Bohr production facilities have the following in place:

Recycling programs for metal, packaging, oils and batteries

Refrigerant reclaim process

Refurbishment process for damaged goods for reuse or resale

Programmable thermostats for facility heating and cooling

Office facilities have the following in place:

Recycling programs for paper, plastic, printer cartridges, and computers and associated equipment

Kaizen events and lean processing to reduce scrap and reduce costs

Flexible office wares to allow for reconfiguration of workspace with minimal waste

Hiroot Bohr products provide the following benefits:

Select products are ENERGY STAR® certified

All products comply with RoHS

All of our freezer and refrigerator use environmentally-friendly (CFC-free) refrigerants


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